Etsy Stats

How to Use the Etsy Stats Tool

So you have an Etsy shop and you view your stats from time to time. Have you ever wondered how you can utilize these stats to improve traffic and sales?

Let’s begin wtih an Explanation of Stats Etsy Proivdes

Etsy Stats

Traffic Sources

Overall –  This column displays the source of all traffic with in your shop. This column will also add up to your total number of views. Traffic coming from Etsy means that they found your product on Etsy or were browsing your shop when they clicked the page. If you see something like Instagram or Facebook that is traffic that you brought to Etsy from a post by either you or a fan. Direct traffic means someone typed or copied your url directly into their browser and didn’t even click a link to arrive at your shop(this is the best kind of traffic to have).

Within Etsy – This column displays traffic from witin specifically. It will add up to the amount displayed for in your overall traffic. Etsy does not track traffic from within Etsy’s mobile app.  This is unfortunate considering that 43% of my traffic is on the Etsy App.  For now, Etsy sellers never know what search terms mobile users are using or if mobile users found their page from somewhere else with in the  Etsy app.



This column displays the search term a user entered before clicking your page. Your listing will show up in a search if it is tagged and titled with the same words that were entered. Your most popular search term should be at the beginning of your listing title. 

Most Active

Pages Viewed

This column displays number of views for all of your pages on Etsy; therefore it will add up to your total number of views. While Etsy does not track the source of mobile traffic; Etsy does track views from mobile traffic. Pay attention to your most popular listing. What can be done to make your other listings do just as well?

Listing Favorites

Listing Favorites

This column tracks listings by number of favorites. It does not track shop favorites but those can be viewed from the Etsy shop page. Pay attention to your most favorited listing. You’ll probably notice it is also your most viewed listing. What can be done with your other listings to mimic this?

Post any questions you have about the Etsy stats tool in the comments below!


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