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How to Rank High in Etsy Searches

The three most important factors by order of priority to rank high in an Etsy search are:

1.) Photos 2.) Tags 3.) Title

Listing Photos are the very first thing that determines whether or not a buyer clicks your listing. If picture doesn’t look at least some what professional – they’ll assume the artist can’t be that talented.

Listing Tags can be added to every listing. This is the first thing the search engine tries to match when looking for results. Use all 13 tags! Make unique tags by using every character available in each tag if possible. The order of words in tags matters Example: “statement necklace” is different from “necklace statement” . If a buyer were to search “necklace” and a listing had “statement necklace” tagged it would be weighted just the same if only “necklace” were tagged. There fore multi word tags give a better search reach to listings. You can even check the bottom of similar listings to see what tags they are using.

Etsy Tags


Listing Titles and tags should match exactly. Listings that have a search term in both the listing tags and title will show up first in search results. Etsy weighs words at the beginning of the title heavier. Therefore if the term is at the beginning of the title it is even better. Title your listing with your best performing tags first.

How search rank is determined when listings have the same title and tags terms

Price is taken into consideration before all other factors listed below. Etsy wants to make money and doesn’t want to penalize higher priced items right off the bat. Items are essentially put into their own popularity tiers based on price. A lower priced item should get more interaction than a higher priced item. If an item is getting more interaction even though it has a high price it will rank better. Vice versa if a lower priced item isn’t getting interaction despite its price its rank will drop even though it could have more views than a higher priced item.

Number of views compared to interaction if a customer views your item and favorites it, the items search ranking will improve. If they favorite your shop it will help your rankings too. If they buy the listing, it will help the next listing you post in that tag or other listings you have in it already. If an item starts gets a less than average number of interaction for the number of views it has then its rankings will drop.

Listing Age will help a listing in the beginning and as it ages begin to bring a listing rank down. This can be remedied by renewing a listing, not completely however as all of the listings views are still effecting it. Sometimes it can be a good idea to delete a listing and start from scratch if its been performing exceptionally poor.

Reviews on other transactions also affect a listings search rank. Try to get the best reviews you can by providing a solid product and service!

We’d love to hear any questions you may have about Etsys search rankings in the comments below.

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