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Analyzing Etsy Traffic Flow

How to Analyze Etsy Traffic Source Flow

Here we will take an in depth look into Etsy traffic source flow. Find our Basic guide to Etsy stats here.

We’ll use my Etsy shops traffic from the last year as an Example.

My Stats

In the last year, I have 17,843 total views with 9,373 from, 7,287 from the Etsy App. In total 16,660 or 93.4% of my views come from Etsy in some form. Wow! I must rely on Etsy a lot then for my views and sales right? I’m only bring in 6.7% of my traffic on my own! 

BUT! Take into consideration that once a visitor has opened an Etsy page from an external source; If they view any other pages from there – they are counted as Etsy traffic.  For Example, if a visitor opens an Etsy page from Instagram then views 20 pages‘s traffic will go up by 19 while Instagram only got the initial store view.

So how can we really tell how many views are from from people that were on Etsy already or people that came from an external source like instagram?My Stats

A good estimation of how many unique people visit a shop originating from Etsy can be made by taking a look at the Stats for traffic within Etsy.  Views coming from your shop and listings are visitors that were in a shop already. Traffic from the search, other sources, other shops, the home page, teams and categories are visitors coming to your page for the first time. So out of the 9,373 views coming from approximately 4,192  were new visitors brought to me from Etsy.

Making App traffic Estimations

Unfortunately, there is no traffic information provided for With in the Etsy App. This leave us guessing whether visitors found our shop from opening the app via Instagram or if they were on the App already. Instragram users are all mobile however, and in my case I know my app traffic sky rockets after making a post. Since a person that has Instragram installed on their phone is likely to have the Etsy App installed as well; it is very likely that a large portion of my app views are coming from Instagram as well. Let’s take a look. My Stats

If my shop has 4,955 views and around 43% of my traffic is mobile that means about 2,130 views are from the app. A new visitor would have to view this page first coming from Instagram. The average visitor clicks 2 pages so that’s around 1,065 unique visitors I’ve pulled in from the app myself.

Now that we have this estimate we can better guess how many unique visitors Etsy brings in. The App brought 7,287 views, we need to deduct our 2,130 generated by us and divide by half since the average viewer clicks about 2 pages. That brings us to around 2,578 unique visitors that Etsy has brought in to us from the app.

Making Calculations with new Incite on Traffic flowStats Total


Now that we have all these new numbers lets see approximately how much traffic is actually brought in by Etsy and how much I bring in myself with the stats provided. This brings us to 7,519 total unique visitors with 5,260 or 70% coming from Etsy and 2,259 views or 30% coming from traffic generated by myself. A lot better than the original 6.7% eh? Everyone’s traffic is different and this all of course a rough estimation but take this into consideration before thinking that your outside marketing techniques are failing!

Comment below with your experiences on Etsy traffic flow!


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